He let us make circuits with play dough and we got to make a cake and we had to try and make the cake light up.

Phoebe - Harefield Infant School

Tom had a great rapport with the children, He was very helpful and organised. The children were fully engaged throughout the lesson.

Mr Martisus

Teacher, Harefield Infant School

It was fun, I really liked getting the lights to light up.

Tilly - Harefield Infants

Tom made this so much fun! I loved using the squishy Dough to make things light up.

Laicey - Harefield Infants

The Brushbots were great I had great fun making and racing mine.

Minnie - Student Bucksmore education

Tom Has delivered some fantastic sessions for our school, the students have enjoyed programming with the Edison robots, making and flying there rockets during our space themed week as well as learning about electric circuits using the electric dough.

Tom also delivered a really enjoyable after school coding and computer club using Makey Makey with Scratch and Scratch junior.

Ms Sam Woodcock

Headteacher, Iver Village Infant School

The rocket session was great, I was really surprised at how high mine went.

Freddie-Student Bucksmore Education

The Fusion 360 day was a huge success for all students involved in the training. All of the students gained an excellent understanding of the programme regardless of their ability and starting point. The students loved the follow up session where they could see their work being 3D printed.

Pete Rodgers

Head of Design & Technology, Sir William Ramsey School

It was fun, I really loved making my robot.

Rose- Bucksmore Education

The feedback from the centre was great, we look forward to having you again.

Ellie Abbott

Groups program coordinator, Bucksmore Education


Tech 4 Fun offers a range of whole day or Half day experiences.
All of the workshops are age and ability appropriate and are suitable for Reception through to KS2.

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Tom Macmillan is an ex Head of Design & Technology and founded Tech4Fun
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